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....what to do when you've been glutened and the bugs of cross-contamination.

Posted by Christine Shaw on

I often find myself having to pull back the passion when chatting to people about my thoughts on cross-contamination and the massive difference there is between gluten free, and 'no gluten containing ingredients'...
Moditions operates from a completely gluten-free production, packing, goods in and goods out zone - gluten is simply banished from anywhere that could pose the slightest risk.   Yes, allergen practice dictates certain precautions, but there is also a vitally important reason why we operate how we do.  It only takes the teeniest, tiniest, barely-see-it-with-your-eyes amount of gluten to make someone with coeliac disease really ill...
...and I firmly believe until you watch someone you care about suffer because of a 'glutening accident' (and from somewhere that it simply shouldn't have happened) - that emotion is very difficult to understand.    
My husband was 'glutened' last night.   
It's not the first time it's happened, and I'm sure it won't be the last.   It's incredibly frustrating. 
Being 'glutened' we know effects everyone differently, and most will likely have their own methods of coping - however (creating the silver lining in that cloud!), here's some tried and tested tips from us on how to see it through:
1.  TRY TO REST.  
Lay down, sit up, stand still - whatever makes you relax, just chill and give your body the time it needs to attempt to recover.  If you can't stay in one spot, just avoid anything too strenuous, and no matter what - don't try to 'power through' - you have afterall technically just been poisoned...
2.  'ADAM'S ALE'
Top up your water, flush out your system, keep your fluids up.  While water isn't the magical cure for everything, it really does help.   Sip rather than gulp, you don't know when your tummy will turn, so do try to avoid making too much of a splash.
We like to keep a good stock of herbal teas known to help with symptoms.  Peppermint and Ginger to ease nausea and also sooth the digestive system, Nettle Leaf to help detox and relieve pains, and finally Camomile to help relax.  
The last thought anyone wants after being glutened is to put in more food... but you know you must!  In our house, it's old-fashioned 'traditional' foods that get the vote after any incidents - spuds, vegetables etc., and we always have a batch or two of homemade stew or vegetable soup in the freezer.   Your body needs fuel to fight off this 'poison' it's just been subjected too, be sure to find your refuel food that works.
It could potentially be an awkward thing to do - but you must, must, must talk to the people or place where your glutening happened.  Let them know so they have an opportunity to find out what happened, and put something in place that it can't happen to anyone else again.   Nine out of ten establishments will welcome your feedback, and will be devastated to hear you've had a problem.  If they don't know they have a problem, they might not realise they have an issue to fix...  and who knows how many others could be impacted.   
Do you have any practices or tips like these you've used or anything you could add?  If you have, please do comment below! 
To finish...
The gluten-free lifestyle choice that has come about is fantastic, and has opened the market for so many new companies to come forward and provide options that simply wouldn't have had the demand to exist before - the launch of Moditions being one of them!  However, for those that eat gluten-free for medical reasons, the education of the establishments producing and delivering gluten-free food must continue to step-up, develop and bridge the gap of 'no gluten containing ingredients', and move to (consistently) gluten-free...

Founder of Moditions, and protective wife of long-term coeliac :)

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  • I totally get this!!!!! Cross-contamination on something that is meant to be gluten free is so frustrating and shouldn’t be allowed to happen. If there’s any chance something might have gluten, then it needs to say it – and let that person eating it make up their own mind. I have been coeliac for almost 2 years and it’s so comforting to come across companies like you that I know I can enjoy a homemade treat from without fear of being sick!!!!! Keep up the great work!

    Sharon W. on

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